Just revamped.

Good Afternoon Fivebalance. My name is James and I am the new CEO of Fivebalance. We have rebranded to include 2 divisions of Fivebalance. FivebalanceUSA and Fivebalance. The former will target the United States of America, and the latter the great Country of Indonesia. Though the languages and cultures may differ, the problems are still the same. Anxiety, hopelessness, and depression still play huge parts in the daily lives in citizens in both countries.

The Fivebalance mobile app aims to help users who suffer from those issues due to not knowing where to turn, or having the resources available to help them in improving their life. Informative articles will be published monthly with helpful tips on meeting ones goals in Faith, Family, Flair, Financial, and Fitness. We at Fivebalance believe that if one can set a goal, and receive helpful information on how to reach that goal, it makes the task of exiting from despair that much easier. In addition, users will get paid FBN coin for reaching each goal they set using the Fivebalance mobile app.

Our motto is very simple.

Set your goals, meet your goals, get paid FBN Coin!

The blog will be updated monthly. With periodic and important updates sporadically in between. Until then have a great and safe Holiday season.


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