Trading contest

Overjoyed Caucasian male celebrating victory in online contest using modern joypad technology

[size=18pt]#FivebalanceUSA #FivebalanceIndo #Depression #selfimprovement #blockchaintechnology #Cryptocurency $FBN $Doge $BTC[/size] VinDAX is running a Trading Competition for Fivebalance (FBN) on our exchange from 12 July – 12 August , 2021 Join Fivebalance (FBN) trading now and get chance to be the winners at: Who will be the winners? The winners are the ones who join […]

Desktop wallet

Desktop wallet walk though now available. Includes how to extract your private keys. #FivebalanceUSA #FivebalanceIndo #depression #selfimprovement #mentalhealth #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency

Fivebalance mobile app update!

Good morning FivebalanceUSA. Please update your fivebalance mobile app to the latest version 1.0.20 This release adds a quote of the day to the homepage of the app in order to instill inspiration #FivebalanceUSA #FivebalanceIndo #selfimprovement #depression #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency

New press release!

2021 Recap!

Year 2021

Good morning FivebalanceUSA. 2021 is almost in the rear view mirror. We had a lot of accomplishments this year, and a few set backs and disappointments. Let me start with the set backs first. The IOS version of the app. not really a set back, but Apple wants fees/in app purchases for just about everything. […]

New Articles added to the app.

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Good morning and Happy New Year .New articles for Q1 have been added to the Fivebalance mobile app available for free on the Google Play store. Lots of updates and plans being worked on for 2022 as I type this. Stay tuned.

Happy Halloween

Part of having a healthy mental state is taking time off from work to unwind. Jack Skellington pumpkin #Jackskellington

2022 Recap

Happy New year 2022 celebration.

Well it’s been a slow year for the Crypto markets on a whole. But here at FivebalanceUSA, we’ve been working hard keeping everything running, and trying to bring more awareness to the subject of Mental Health and self improvement. We made some changes to the website, as well as added a chat feature to the […]

New Team same product!

Just revamped. Good Afternoon Fivebalance. My name is James and I am the new CEO of Fivebalance. We have rebranded to include 2 divisions of Fivebalance. FivebalanceUSA and Fivebalance. The former will target the United States of America, and the latter the great Country of Indonesia. Though the languages and cultures may differ, the problems […]