Well it’s been a slow year for the Crypto markets on a whole. But here at FivebalanceUSA, we’ve been working hard keeping everything running, and trying to bring more awareness to the subject of Mental Health and self improvement.
We made some changes to the website, as well as added a chat feature to the mobile app. That’s huge. That puts the app squarely in the Social media category along with the big hitters like Facebook and Twitter.
We updated our user policy guidelines and We kicked off FivebalanceTV on our YouTube channel @FivebalanceUSA.
We’re looking forward to bigger things in 2023 as well as the launch of a few new series on FivebalanceTV. The first series which is up to episode 3 is called Mental Health in the Culture which focuses on how mental health issues affect people of color different from other races. Stay tuned, lots of developments scheduled for 2023!

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